The best time to photography a newborn is 8 to 14 days of birth. This is the best time to capture those curled up sleeping pose since babies are typically relax and sleepy during this time.

But, do not worry if your baby is older than 14 days old. You can still photography your baby and capture beautiful poses even after 14 days old although the session may be longer than usual.

I highly recommend you book your newborn photography at least a month before your due date to secure your slot.

Newborn session is normally between 2 to 3 hours depending on your selected plan. This allows enough time for your baby to be comfortable before the shoot and be fed during the shoot as needed.

The session take place at TjakPhotos’s home studio in Laurel, MD.

Yes, the studio has a changing and feeding station. Please bring extra diapers  and change of clothes for the baby.

Dress the baby in a loss cloth to avoid imprint on the baby’s skin.

  • Blankets for the baby
  • Change of cloth for you, your spouse and baby. (Accident happens when you and your spouse are posing with naked baby)
  • Pacifier to soothe baby
  • Extra milk/formula (please make sure the baby is fed prior to coming to the studio)
  • Special props or accessories (i.e., heirlooms) you may want to incorporate into the shoot

Please keep in mind that the studio will be 75 to 80 degree temperature to keep the baby nice and warm. You and anyone coming with you should dress in layers.