Where Do You Buy Maternity Dresses for a Photoshoot?

Where do you buy maternity photoshoot dresses or gowns? You are pregnant and excited to photograph your baby bump. You have been looking through social media platforms to determine how your maternity photoshoot should look, and have talked to all your friends and families about the ideas you have for a maternity photograph. Finally, you decided to go ahead and book a maternity photographer for your pregnancy photos. Now what? You need a dress.

Where do you buy maternity dresses for a photoshoot? How much should you spend on maternity dresses? What color maternity dresses should you buy? What style of maternity dresses should you buy? All these questions rushed at you all at once, and you have no idea where to start. So, you started to stress about it because you want your photoshoot to be beautiful. You have thought about everything, and somehow the dress skips your mind. Moreover, your photoshoot date is fast approaching, and the stress of buying the perfect dress is mounting. Where do you buy maternity photoshoot dresses?  

 Now a day, there are many options regarding maternity dresses.

Book a maternity photographer who includes maternity dresses in her price package.

Many maternity photographers included maternity dresses in their price packages. Thus, If you are not sure what dress to buy, book those photographers. By going this route, you do have to worry about what you will wear. At TjakPhotos, we offer maternity dresses in our packages so that you do not have to worry about what to wear. We have multiple styles and colors for you. Our goal is to make your photoshoot stress-free. So, we have included maternity dresses in our packages to remove the worries of looking for dresses for your photoshoot.

Rent a maternity dress from vendors other than the photographer

Multiple clothing vendors are renting maternity dresses in addition to selling maternity dresses. For pregnant mamas who do not want to spend money on a dress they will only wear once, there is an alternative. Rent it!

Where do you buy Maternity dresses for a Photoshoot?

One of my favorite vendors to buy maternity dresses from is mii-Estilo. You can visit their site at I love their dresses. You can also visit Etsy and search for maternity dresses. Their website is I’m careful when I purchase from Etsy because vendors all over the world sell on their platform. Therefore, be careful and choose your vendor diligently.

At TjakPhotos, we offer maternity dresses in two of our packages at no extra cost to you. We work with you to make sure that your maternity photoshoot session is stress-free. We are conveniently located in Laurel, Maryland in Howard County. Our location is a few minutes away from the Historic Savage Mill and conveniently close to Ellicott City, Baltimore, Columbia Maryland. Call us today at 301-338-8638 or email us at for booking. We look forward to meeting you and your family.